Kings Of Leon Invite Naked Crowd Surfer Back Stage

Kings of Leon have befriended one daring fan who chose to crowd surf in the nude at one of the band's recent shows. The gag occurred during a performance at LG Arena in Birmingham, England.

As the band ripped into the hit single "Sex on Fire" on Tuesday night, they noticed the naked reveler hoisted above the crowd. British tabloid The Sun later identified the man as Jimmy Dorris, who was invited by Nathan Followill to hang with the band after their show the following night.

"Thank you Birmingham. We saw a side of you that we've never seen before," Followill tweeted after the show.

He later added: "Hey Birmingham sausage man, if you're on twitter, DM me. We owe you a beer tomorrow night. Birmingham, lets do this. I get the feeling that this's going 2 be nuts."

Dorris did, in fact, return the following night to hang out with the band, and tweeted: "I can't believe taking my clothes off resulted in this."

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