Beyoncé Rocks V Festival

Beyoncé closed out the first day of the V Festival at Hylands Park in England on Saturday. Bey kicked off the set by wowing the 90,000 strong crowd with her hit "Run the World (Girls)," and added several costume changes to hold their interest.

According to the Mirror, Lady Bey ended the rousing set on a sweet note with her track "Halo":

"As the first notes of Halo came, on the crowd exploded and her soft tones rippled across the Essex crowd, turning even the drunkest animal into a simpering sweetheart."

According to Digital Spy, her outfits included "a black and white top and white trousers, a green, fringed leopard print minidress and a glittery purple catsuit."

Other tracks played by Bey included "Irreplaceable," "Naughty Girl," "Crazy in Love," "1+1" and "Why Don't You Love Me."

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