Scientists Working To Extract DNA From John Lennon's Tooth

Scientists are working on sequencing the DNA of John Lennon using an extracted molar. Michael Zuk, a dentist who purchased the tooth at auction for over $30,000, told the Examiner that a Lennon clone is his ultimate goal:

"If scientists think they can clone mammoths, then John Lennon could be next."

He added: "To potentially say I had a small part in bringing back one of rock's greatest stars would be mind-blowing. I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon's DNA, very soon I hope. With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality."

If sequencing the DNA is possible, Zuk has approved tests to be conducted to gain insight into Lennon's genes for a U.K. documentary on celebrity genetics.

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