Richie Sambora Fired From Bon Jovi Tour Over Money?

Rumors are swirling that Richie Sambora may have been fired from the current Bon Jovi world tour. The guitarist has been conspicuously absent from the tour, and neither of the reps from the band have given any indication as to the reason for his departure.

According to an unnamed source speaking with the website RumorX, the dispute was largely over money. Sambora was raking in a reported $2 million per month, plus an addition twenty percent of the net profit from each show. Sambora's replacement, former Triumph guitarist Phil X, is said to be making only $10,000 a month. The site reports that Sambora continues to receive his monthly salary, but eliminating his percentage from each show has significantly cut the band's overhead. The source says that Sambora is upset about missing the tour.

"Richie wants to go back onstage," says the report. "That's his first love. He's really upset over the news."

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