Paul McCartney Reveals New Single Titled 'New'

Paul McCartney has revealed a new track titled "New" from his forthcoming new album. The track, produced by Mark Ronson, harkens back to Macca's days in the Fab Four and encourages listeners to open their minds about the future.

The track features a synthesized harpsichord sound throughout as Paul sings in the chorus: "We can do what we want, we can live as we choose."

The new album will follow his 2012 release Kisses on the Bottom. Paul also enlisted the help of producers Ethan Johns, who collaborated with Macca on a new song titled "Hosanna."

"The first day we had was remarkable. [McCartney] walked in with this incredible song, we threw up a couple of microphones and within four hours we had this great track. I think we did an edit between the first two takes," Johns told Rolling Stone.

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