John Lennon Would Have Loved Computers, Says Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono says that John Lennon would have been plugged in and turned on to the Internet Age. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Ono noted that she and Lennon were interested in worldwide communication projects before the web's advent:

"Oh, John would have been totally excited about the computer age, because that's the kind of thing that John and I were dreaming of . . . Like the Smile Project [where Ono attempted to film every smiling face in the world] - we were almost having that kind of format of, like, communication in our heads."

She added: "It's very interesting to think about, that John was a person in a rock group, and what they were doing was totally different from what I was doing, but he just jumped in. He was totally open."

When asked what new music she's into, Yoko responded that she doesn't "have time to listen to anybody's music. I'm making it, you know."

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