Steve Hackett Says Genesis Reunion Unlikely

Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett says that fans shouldn't hold their breath for a reunion in the near future. Speaking with Billboard, Hackett warned that any rumors about a possible reunion are nothing more than conjecture.

"Every now and again there's an approach, and then I find myself saying 'yes' and finding it doesn't really go anywhere," Hackett began.

"I think it would be wonderful, extraordinary, but you've got to get everyone to say 'yes'--or at least two guys to say 'yes' and hope that everyone else will follow."

Despite his lack of hope for a reunion, Hackett looks back on his time with the band fondly:

"The songs have been very good to me. They've been constant companions, and I really do love them and I'm very, very proud of them and it feels wonderful to be able to play a few notes of something and instantly it's recognized."

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