New Springsteen Photo Book Due This Month

A career-spanning photo book about Bruce Springsteen is set for release on October 12. The book, titled Bruce Springsteen in Focus 1980-2012, was curated by photographer Debra L. Rothenberg, who has followed the Boss for over 30 years.

"The stories he tells and his characters in those songs are all of us," Rothenberg told Ultimate Classic Rock. "He sings of love and heartbreak and struggles and hopelessness and dreams. His songs have always made me laugh and cry."

She added: "His shows today, in 2013 as a 64-year-old, are as energetic and dynamic as they were when I first saw him when he was 31. I can go to one of his concerts feeling tired and achy and holding the camera hurts, and as soon as he steps on that stage, all those feelings leave me. I feel like I am 18 again, seeing and shooting him for the first time."

The book includes some 250 pictures of the boss onstage, backstage and hanging out with fans.

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