Beyoncé Shoots New Music Video In Paris

Beyoncé reportedly spent time in Paris recently to shoot a new music video, which is set to be included on a video anthology for her upcoming album.

News of Beyonce's time in France spread quickly across social media, with Bey's lead dancer Ashley Everett posting a photo of the Eiffel Tower on Instagram along with the caption "Oh just my view today.#Paris."

That wasn't the only posting of Beyoncé sightings, as another dancer, Claudia Dolez, posted "When your agency sends you a casting for the clip of Beyoncé, you reread the email 3 times to make sure they were not wrong."

"My brother just made a cast for the next clip of Beyoncé!" another post read, while two more read, "Beyoncé will be in Paris this weekend for the filming of her new video!" and "Some French sources are reporting that Beyoncé is going on some video-shooting in Paris this weekend. The castings were today made things a little more obvious."

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