Elton John's AIDS Foundation Honors Hillary Clinton

Elton John's AIDS foundation honored Hillary Clinton for her work in fighting AIDS and HIV.

John presented the former First Lady and Secretary of State with the organization's first-ever Founder's Award for her advocacy, saying of Clinton: "She's a great human rights campaigner for people of color, for people of [varied] sexual orientation. She's made our fight easier by being such a staunch supporter of AIDS and for people's human rights."

He added: "I've always been a big Hillary fan. I hope she's the next American president. I hope she runs."

Clinton accepted the award and noted: "If we are to continue to build on the progress -- and yes, there has been progress -- then we have to continue to advocate and demand for governments, international organizations, foundations, all of us, to be persistent . . . and ensure that we don't falter. If we're going to beat AIDS, we have to reach out to everyone."

The foundation's yearly benefit was held in New York City on Tuesday.

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