Reps From Jessie J's School Reject Claims Of Gun Violence

Representatives from Jessie J's former school have spoken out against the singer's claims of gun violence while she was a student there. The singer spoke out about school violence in an interview with Time Out, claiming she witnessed her fair share while attending the U.K's Mayfield School.

"I feel a duty to try to combat gun and knife crime and racial attacks because they happened at my school. There was a lot of gang crime - gun and knife crime and racial attacks. I don't want to talk about gangs who may know where I am, but the things I witnessed at a young age were horrific."

The school's head teacher, Andy Rehlig, has denied the claims to the Independent:

"I have been headteacher here for 11 years and I simply don't recognize the picture she's painted of the school then or since, and neither do staff. I really don't know where she's coming from."

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