Lenny Kravitz To Appear In Little Rootie Tootie

Lenny Kravitz has reportedly signed on to appear in the upcoming film Little Rootie Tootie. The rocker stars in a supporting role opposite leading man Christopher Walken, playing Walken's son, who returns home to help his father cope with a death in the family.

The film is scheduled to start filming in New York City in January and will follow a busy acting streak for Kravitz.

He also has supporting roles in the new Hunger Games film as well as The Butler.

Despite his bustling acting career, Lenny recently completed a new album. He told Billboard that the LP is "very deconstructed" and "very minimal":

"Guitar, bass and drums are the primary instruments. There's some sax and horns on some tracks. There's an orchestra on one track, but for the most part it's very raw but it's got a big sound. At times it's only three instruments playing, and it sounds really big."

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