Taylor Swift Brushing Up On Etiquette Before Her Royal Show In England

Taylor Swift has been studying up on her royal etiquette in preparation of the Winter Whites Gala charity event at the home of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Swift says that she has been seeking advice about how to act when she encounters royalty.

"I've been asking about that," she began. "I think I'm really safe if I just shake hands and be polite. I'm really stoked. This is the first thing I've performed at for any kind of royal engagement - very, very honored."

However, she adds that she isn't sure whether she'll get face time with William.

"That's being presumptuous in that [it's] assuming I'll meet [him]. First, I'll just be polite enough to not assume I'm going to get to meet them."

The Winter Whites Gala charity event takes place November 26.

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