Keith Urban Debuts 'We Were Us' Video On Facebook

Keith Urban has debuted the music video for "We Were Us," the latest single from his new album, Fuse. The song and vid feature an appearance from Miranda Lambert.

It was filmed on location before a live audience at Edna's bar in Oklahoma City and directed by Becky Fluke and Reid Long.

"'We Were Us' came along and it's not the kind of song Miranda would normally do, but her voice is the first one I heard in my head. I called her up and sent her the song and she loved it and came to the studio," said Urban of the duet.

In addition to the release of the video, Urban has encouraged fans to film their own version of the song and post the results to his Facebook page. Several of the top vids will be included in a special fan re-make of the video, while one lucky winner will get the chance to see Keith perform live at a concert in Chicago.

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