Michael Jackson's Staff Outs Britney Spears And George Michael As Drug Addicts

The staff of Michael Jackson's estate claim that several stars - such as Britney Spears and George Michael - are drug addicts. The allegations came after Lloyds of London refused to pay benefits for the insurance policy AEG took out in connection with MJ's "This Is It" tour.

Lloyds refused the claim on the grounds that Jacko and AEG failed to reveal the former's drug use.

"The insurance case continues against the Michael Jackson Company LLC for, among other things, rescission of the policy due to nondisclosures of Michael Jackson's prior drug use," Paul Schrieffer, attorney for Lloyds said last year.

The Michael Jackson Company has now sued Lloyds, saying that several known drug addicts have applied for similar insurance from the insurance underwriter. Other celebs named include Kings of Leon, Whitney Houston, Aerosmith and Van Halen.

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