Miley Cyrus Looks Back On 2013

Miley Cyrus is looking back on a year in which her image underwent a massive transformation. She sat down with the New York Times to discuss the controversy surrounding her.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer explains that she is not completely comfortable with how the public now perceives her: "I went from people just thinking I was, like, a baby to people thinking I'm this, like, sex freak that really just pops molly and does lines all day."

Cyrus insists that her antics over the past year are part of a performance that has a long tradition in the music business: "It's like, 'Has anyone ever heard of rock 'n' roll?' There's a sex scene in pretty much every single movie, and they go, 'Well, that's a character.' Well, that's a character."

"I don't really dress as a teddy bear and, like, twerk on Robin Thicke, you know?"

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