Plain White T's Got Their Big Break At A Party At Pete Wentz's House

Plain White T's say they got their big break at a house party thrown by Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. Speaking with CBS, PWT's Tom Higgenson says he met a programmer for L.A. station KROQ at the party:

"We show up to Pete's place and our A&R guy was there. As soon as we walk in he's like, 'Oh, that girl works for KROQ, she does programming for KROQ," Tom began.

"Me being buzzed, I went right up to her and was like, 'Hey, I'm Tom from Plain White T's.' And she's like, 'Oh, I've heard of you guys!' So we made her listen to the new single that we just got mastered that day."

He added that it wasn't long before the band heard themselves on the station: "[KROQ] heard it the next morning, played it that day. Driving around later that day we got to hear it. It was badass."

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