Taylor Swift Named 'Tennessean Of The Year'

Taylor Swift has been named the Tennessean of the Year the by Tennessean newspaper. The newspaper cites the many accomplishments of the 24-year-old country sensation and points out how Swift has become a "worldwide ambassador for Tennessee's capital city."

Swift's generous work within the Nashville was also cited as reason for the award. Earlier this year, the Swift Education Center was created at the newly expanded Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, courtesy of Swift's $4 million gift, which was also the largest individual artist gift in the museum's history.

"For her to believe in us, the hometown institutions, and to be focused on Nashville speaks volumes," Kyle Young, the director and chief executive officer of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, told the Tennessean. "How often do you think she's approached to do things, all over the world? So it means so much for her to believe in us and think that investments here would help the city she clearly cares so much about."

Past winners of the Tennessean of the Year award include Vince Gill and Amy Grant (2011), Al Gore (2007) and Dolly Parton (2006).

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