Keith Urban Releases 'Cop Car' Video

Keith Urban has released the music video for "Cop Car," the third single release from his latest album, Fuse. In the vid, a young couple go for a drive but end up in the back of a police car.

Urban says that the video, directed by John Urbano, is essential to understanding the music:

"I had [Urbano] pegged for this song, and I just loved his vision for this whole thing," Urban says in a behind the scenes video.

"There's certain songs that are written so visually that you can sort of see this whole unfolding . . . It was incredibly easy to shoot the video because it's just . . . there it is."

Urban teamed up with guitarist Gary Clark Jr. to give a rocking performance of "Cop Car" at this past weekend's 56th annual Grammys.

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