Toni Braxton And Babyface Release 'Sweat'

Toni Braxton and Babyface have released "Sweat," the third single from their recent collab, Love, Marriage & Divorce. In contrast to the previous bittersweet productions ("Where Did We Go Wrong" and "Roller Coaster"), "Sweat" takes a tone of reconciliation.

"So if you really want to fight, we can take it to bed tonight / If you really want to scream, I can make you scream tonight," sings Toni, while Babyface adds "let's sweat it out."

That Grape Juice says that the single "furthers the album's 'lovelorn concept' while paying homage to the brand of 'sensual' that pervades Braxton and Babyface's respective catalogues."

Love, Marriage and Divorce hit February 4.

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