Steve Perry Says 'We're Trying' Regarding Journey Reunion

Steve Perry and Neal Schon are seriously considering a Journey reunion. Speaking with Classic Rock magazine, Perry said that it will not be an easy feat, but one that the two are trying to make happen:

"We're trying. It's tough. I'm doing my best in that area, and I can only do so much."

In a separate interview, Perry added that he has good memories of his time with Journey:

"The older I get . . . the more I realize that we brought that out of each other: I brought things out of them and they certainly brought a lot of my vocal stuff out of me - just rising each other to this place that you can't get alone. It's a different thing, and that's probably the biggest chemistry thing that I recognize now."

Perry's last work with Journey was on 1996's Trial By Fire. The band's early 80s albums, featuring Perry at the healm, were by far their most successful.

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