Prince Charges Fans 10 For Tickets To London Show

Prince surprised fans at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire with 10 tickets on February 9. The show came as part of his ongoing "Hit and Run" tour. Ticks were initially rumored to sell for 70.

Speaking from onstage he asked the audience: "How much did you all pay to get in?"

Fans responded enthusiastically, prompting him to respond: "That's nice - that's what we used to pay to get I to concerts when I was a kid."

He previously explained his plan to play smaller venues, speaking with the BBC:

"That was a different time, this is a different band. We'll work our way up, if people like us, to bigger venues. We're going to be here until people don't want to hear us any more. We wanna charge about $10 a ticket. This is a new band, people are getting something new."

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