ABBA Reveal The Reason They Wore Crazy Costumes Was For Tax Breaks

ABBA member Bjorn Ulvaeus says the band wore outrageous costumes during their 70s heyday in order to exploit a tax loophole in Swedish law. The legislation provided that clothes were tax deductible if their owners could prove they were not used for daily wear.

"In my honest opinion, we looked like nuts in those years. Nobody can have been as badly dressed on stage as we were," Ulvaeus said.

"We figured with our clothes, people would remember us even if we finished ninth."

"We chose clothes we felt comfortable in. My favourite was a body stocking with a little dress cut diagonally. I thought I was elegant and sexy in it," added Anni-Frid Lyngstad.

The revelations came in the new book, Abba: The Official Photo Book, to mark the 40th anniversary of their smash hit "Waterloo."

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