Beyonce's UK Hive Launched Fundraiser For Sick Photographer

The British chapter of Beyonce's BeeHive fan club has launched a fundraising campaign to support Bey's photographer Yosra El-Essawy, who is currently battling esophageal cancer. The initiative was spearheaded by members of the UK group, who spread the word on the UK Hive site:

"As most of you know Beyonce's personal/tour photographer Yosra is currently battling esophageal cancer. She is definitely one of the strongest and most positive people I have ever known and with that in mind we would like to do our bit to give her something to smile about."

They added: "We will be putting together a book of messages and well wishes which will be passed towards the end of the UK tour."

The UK Hive is also planning a fundraiser in Yosra's name.

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