Tom Petty, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen Top Sellers By State

Tom Petty, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen are all amongst the top sellers in specific states across the U.S. The stats were collected in a new state-by-state infographic published by users on Reddit. The graphic finds Joel at number one in his home state of New York, while Petty is on top in Florida and The Boss is number one in New Jersey.

The classic rock icons were amongst other rockers on the list including Steve Miller in Wisconsin, George Thorogood in Delaware and Metallica in California. Michael Jackson was also on top in his home state of Indiana and Madonna number one in Michigan.

And while major artists were at the top in most of the U.S., several states including Nevada, Oregon and South Carolina were left off the graphic because their top artists were not in the RIAA's top 250.

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