John Lennon And Janis Joplin Stamps Planned

Both John Lennon and Janis Joplin will be featured on a new series of stamps form the U.S. Postal Service. News of the new stamps came after the Washington Post published a leaked document from the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.

The document detailed the special edition stamps that have been approved for printing by the Postal Service for the upcoming year. Lennon and Joplin are just a few of the stars to receive the stamp treatment and their stamps will join a reissue of popular stamps with Elvis and James Brown.

Many other music stars will be featured on stamps in coming years as well including Sam Cooke, Bill Monroe, Willie Dixon and Tammy Wynette. Non-musicians including Wilt Chamberlain, Harvey Milk and the first black female congresswoman Shirley Chisholm will also be featured.

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