DNA Test May Indicate Michael Jackson's Secret Love Child

Singer Brandon Howard allegedly has DNA which is a 99.9% match to Michael Jackson, according to Dr. Joseph Goodman, who claims that he obtained a sample of Jackson's DNA from a dental device that had belonged to the late King of Pop at auction.

If the claims are true, it could mean that the 31 year old crooner is the son of Jacko.

Howard, who many believe bears a striking resemblance to Jackson, has long been rumored to be the child Jackson referenced in the 1982 hit "Billie Jean" with the line: "The kid is not my son."

Howard consented to have the DNA mouth swab done, but later released a video to his Facebook page in an attempt to distance himself from the controversy.

Howard Weitzman, estate lawyer for Jackson, told the New York Daily News that "it sounds like a fraud to me."

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