Ann Wilson Talks About Heart's Longevity And Touring

Heart singer Ann Wilson has opened about the band's long, successful career and about their recent live shows. Those shows have come in support of their latest album Red Velvet Car, which Ann says inspired them to keep touring.

"We never stopped writing. We just were diligent; we just kept it up and kept it up and just kept piling them up," Ann tells Ultimate Classic Rock.

She adds: "It was so much fun to do Red Velvet Car and we had such a great experience [that] we couldn't stop. We were still on tour, but the songs were still coming. We had honed our songwriting skills a little bit with that one, so with 'Fanatic,' we made a decision just to go ahead and be opinionated. You know, if you felt strongly about something, like 'Dear Old America,' just go ahead and let's make the songs on this album have contours and speak out and be participants."

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