Alanis Morissette In Legal Dispute Over Alleged Kidnapped Dog

Alanis Morissette is involved in a legal dispute involved her dog, which she claims was kidnapped.

She finds herself in a legal battle with her former housekeeper and dog walker over claims that the pair kidnapped her dog, Circus, when they were recently fired by Morissette and her husband MC Souleye. The pair have since denied the claims and said Morissette had told them to take the dog away because she was allergic to it and it kept urinating on the carpet, according to reports from The Guardian. The accused also posted a YouTube video, showing them stroking the dog and protesting that they had been harassed by private investigators working for Morissette.

Morissette and her husband have filed legal documents claiming the video may have endangered Circus by making him known to professional dognappers.

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