Aerosmith Drummer Says Axl Rose Is Holding GNR Fans 'Hostage'

On the eve of Aerosmith's upcoming tour with Slash, drummer Joey Kramer says that Axl Rose is holding Guns N' Roses fans "hostage" by taking over the band name. During a recent interview with Blog Talk Radio, he said it's unfair of the frontman to ignore the other founding members.

"The bottom line is this: it's whether or not they really care about their fans and the people that made them and got them to where they were. Because that's really what it's all about," he began.

"Basically, because they have personal grievances with one another, everybody else is being held hostage and can't hear the music that they love to play and they love to hear. So, you know, it's not really fair."

He adds: "You know, you can get to a point where you just deal with one another - you go on stage and do what you've gotta do and do your job."

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