Lady Antebellum Promise 'Up-Tempo' New Record

Lady Antebellum have promised that their forthcoming release will be a "fun, up-tempo" record. Speaking with Country Vibe, Charles Kelley said the LP will mark a departure from their more contemplative work of late:

"We're definitely leaning heavy into a fun, in your face record this time," Kelley began.

"I think for us, this is by far the most kind of fun, up-tempo record we've ever made. I think we always set out to do that and for some reason we've always kind of strayed off into the ballad/mid-tempo world, [but] we stuck to it with this album."

Hillary Scott recently spoke on Lady A's most recent single "Bartender":

"I love this song because there's something empowering about not going for the rebound or just moping around over a guy. There are those times in your life when you need to feel sorry for yourself and be sad, but this song is all about hitting the dance floor with your girlfriends and just forgetting him."

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