Phil Collins Donates Collection Of Alamo Artifacts To Texas

Phil Collins has donated his private collection of approximately 200 Alamo artifacts to the historic site of the Alamo in San Antonio.

Apparently, when you add it up, the Genesis member has spent a seven figure sum in purchasing these pieces from the Texas revolution and the Battle at the Alamo.

"I have to be careful I don't sound like some trainspotter or someone that hangs out at airports collecting airplane numbers, you know, because I think they are crazy," Collins said. "I arrive on a plane, I look at these people sitting there. They've been there all day and they're just taking the numbers of the type of the plane. Get a life, you know? I feel guilty of that sometimes because I go into detail and someone just wants to know the greatest hits of the story."

These artifacts are now being stored in Collins' basement in his Swiss home and will be transported to Texas later this year. The plan is to display the artifacts in a new visitor center.

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