Foreigner's Mick Jones Subject Of Upcoming Documentary

Mick Jones of Foreigner will be featured in an upcoming documentary. Jones dished on the project, tentatively titled A Foreigner's Tale, to VH1.

"There's sort of a biography-documentary that's gonna be in the making within the next six months," Jones tells VH1 Radio Network's Dave Basner.

"It's tentatively called A Foreigner's Tale, so that's kind of an exciting prospect, to get my life together and look at it. It's been a long career in music and it's taken me all over the world to strange places, and some hilarious, some scary experiences. I figured I'd share them, at last."

Foreigner has posted a teaser clip for the doc on its official website. Jones added that he's working with a British broadcaster, but expects the doc to be available internationally.

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