LeAnn Rimes Reality Show Will Address Brandi Glanville Drama

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian sat down on Extra recently to talk about their new VH1 reality show, LeAnn and Eddie - in particular, they addressed Eddie's ex-wife Brandi Glanville, whom he left for LeAnn.

Rimes said that Eddie's two kids with Brandi will not be on the show, but will be a recurring topic of conversation, along with Brandi:

"We discuss them, obviously, we can't go through our lives, open up ourselves without discussing the kids, or his ex-wife, but we do it in a lighthearted way, nothing we're saying is untrue, it's all true and we didn't set out to hurt anyone or get back at anyone."

Eddie added that viewers will also get a more honest portrait of LeAnn than the one painted by the media:

"I think they've been fed a story by the media, and by the tabloids, of a couple always in distress, or in turmoil, and that's so far from the truth. my wife doesn't have an eating order, she's not an alcoholic, and she's not pregnant right now."

LeAnn and Eddie debuts Thursday, July 17 on VH1.

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