10 “Deskercises” That Will Keep Those Calories Off

By bonneville on May 1, 2017

Work is the last place that you’d expect to be able to exercise at. But it is now the year 2017, and the idea of manual labor has significantly changed from putting all your forces into that Excel program. These days it seems our bums grow numb in our seats before you even get a chance to finish punching in all your hours.

A recent study at Harvard University has found working out an average of three times within a week span will ultimately help reduce health risks and keep you strong.

But how can you maintain that when the stacks of paper on your desk are only growing taller and you have too many meetings to fit in some minutes at the gym later? Small exercises and stretches you make at work might not be a far cry away from keeping yourself healthier and happier than you originally imagined.

Here are a few office “Deskercises” that will help improve your health and burn off those extra calories.


01) “The Wall Sit”

What “The Wall Sit” is best known for is building core strength and promoting endurance. Simply lean your back against the wall and slide down until your legs are parallel to the floor. You basically look like you’re sitting without a chair, hold it for 30 – 60 seconds. Personally I like to multitask by reading or answering emails off my phone.


02) “Calf Raises”  

Most likely the simplest exercise you can do at your desk are “Calf Raises.” It’s like tapping your foot in slow motion, simply raise your toes until your foot comes to the ball of your heel and stretch your leg calves until you feel a constraining feeling throughout them. Then simply lower your foot back down to the ground, repeat this 15- 20 times within a day.

03) “Sit ‘N’ Squeeze”

Better known as kegel exercises, this is most helpful for women who have had children, the sit in squeeze helps your muscles conform back to how they originally were. Stay seated in your chair and squeeze your buttocks, hold for 5-10 seconds. This one is easiest to conceal during meetings!


04) “Leg Raises”

Normally while you are seated at your desk is the best time to do some “Leg Raises.” You will want to straighten your back and sit up right in your chair. In unison, raise both legs straight out in front of you and hold it for as long as you can, then lower your legs but do not let your feet touch the floor. Repeat 20 reps to obtain that little burn from an ab workout.


05) “The Desk Squat”

Fair Warning: If you’re going to do a “Desk Squat” you will need to do it the right way and everybody will pretty much wonder what you are up to! Use your office desk and reach your hands behind you, back facing the desk, while you hold the edge. Keep your feet together and bend downwards with your feet parallel to the ground. Your arms will rise up as you do this, repeat 8 times holding each rep for 5 seconds.


06) “The Praying Mantis”

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do for your body in order to stay toned. Stay seated in an upright position in your chair as you push the palms of your hands together powerfully in front of your chest, you will feel a pressure. This will help exercise and stretch those arm muscles from just gliding across a keyboard for eight hours.


07) “The Handshake”

Sit at your desk and fold your hands into one another across your chest as if you’re giving yourself a handshake, then pull your hands apart from one another. You will feel a tension in the front of your shoulders from straining and flexing your upper body. Do it at least three times in the office.


08) “The Monk”

“The Monk” is a little on the extreme side but is a good way to end your daily dose of office exercises. Sit criss-cross in your chair (hopefully you have a chair with arms on it.) Make sure your posture is comfortable and use the chair arms  and your own to lift your bum off of the seat. This will help strengthen your chest and focus your balance, hold for as long as you can before you release back down into your seat.


09) “The Wall Push-Up”

Normally you would believe that this exercise has no effect on calorie burn but depending on the amount of reps, can actually help you lose the most weight. Keep your legs and feet planted together on the ground and use the wall as the foundation for your push-up. It’s a regular push-up but instead against a wall and not the ground. Repeat 10 times and if your feeling like an overachiever then do it twice daily.


10) “The Silent Squeeze”

Serving as a simple cool down, “The Silent Squeeze” will help flex your whole body while you take a little breather. Sit back in your chair and relax, breathe in slowly and hold your breath. Give it a 10 second count and as you do, flex and tense all your muscles (including your arms, legs, and neck.) Exhale slowly as you feel your muscles relax. This is my favorite “Deskercise” to do at the end of the day, gives you a sense of fulfillment. 


The stresses of work can become your enemy if you do not take the time to unwind yourself and take a little breather when necessary. I always like to keep a post- it note near my desk with a reminder to do a few “Deskercises”  to take the edge off work. Did we forget to mention one of your favorites? Comment below and help others in their daily office exercise. 




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