This 101 Year Old Grandma Is Faster Than You

By Ethan Millard on August 10, 2017

FM100’s Brian Foxx profiles Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She just set a world record for her age group in the 100-meter dash.  She is a national treasure. Did we mention she’s 101 years old?! At the 2017 USA Track & Field Outdoor Championship she ran the 100-meter dash in 40.12 seconds.  That’s undoubtedly faster than many couch potatoes half her age.



Everyone loves this kind of good news.  It’s fun and inspiring.  Maybe it will motivate us all to get out and get our blood pumping.  If Hurricane Hawkins can do it at 101 years old, the rest of us have little excuse.

The Julia Hurricane Hawkins Secret To A Long Life

Hurricane Hawkins has only been running for about a year.  She rides her bike and runs every day.  If you ask her the secret to a long life she’ll naturally claim good diet and exercise.  But there’s something else Julia says helped her go this far.  She says she made it to 101 because she was married to a good man and has great children and grand children.

And they have a great mother and grandmother.


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