How This Teen Entrepreneur Is Using 3D Printing To Build Businesses

By Ethan Millard on October 9, 2017

My Tech HighThis article is sponsored by My Tech High, proud sponsor of the series Learning Without Limits.  My Tech High is a public school program tailored to the unique needs of each student.  In addition to core curriculum, the My Tech High program gives students a strong foundation in creativity, innovation, technology, and business.

Gerardo Meneses Jr. is every bit his father’s son.  His father is an engineer and gave his son more than just his name.  Gerardo shares his father’s analytical and problem-solving skills.  But he has added a level of creativity that sets him apart not only from his parents but also from his peers.

Traditional school wasn’t working out for Gerardo.  It’s not that he went to a bad school, it’s just that a traditional classroom was holding him back.  Gerardo had the drive and ability to do more sooner.  There was no way his parents were going to hold him back.

It’s Not About Being Smart

There are a lot of smart kids out there.  But only a few of them will do the work that moves society forward.  The difference is work.  Gerardo does the work.  This is one way the My Tech High program worked so well for Gerardo.  His ability and hard work are always enabled.  He never has to hold back and wait.

Merging Technology and Art

Gerardo sits at the fusion of technology and art.  His photography, 3D printing, and designs, re-enhanced by his understanding of the technology that drives the medium.  That knowledge came with intense study that is still not available in many schools.  The My Tech High program gives Gerardo access to curriculum that he needs when he needs it.

A Traditional Education… In A Non Traditional Way

When Gerardo finishes his education, he will have received a full Utah public education.  But he’ll also have so much more.  Because he and his family can choose a unique education path through the My Tech High program, he is getting a running start.

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