This Popular Hollywood Actor from Utah Is Still In High School

By Ethan Millard on October 24, 2017

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“You know, I’d like to try this.” That’s how Gavin Lewis kicked off his acting career. He was watching TV one day, and that thought hit him.

If you know anything about acting, you know that it’s not really a traditional career. It’s unpredictable and difficult. Even more so for young people.

When Life-Changing Opportunities Come Early

Even at 13 years old, Gavin has worked with some of the best in Hollywood. He had an amazing experience working with Chris O’Donnell on CBS’s NCIS. He also played a role on the film Maximum Ride, based on a novel by James Patterson. So far, he’s appeared in over a dozen roles in film and television.

How Do You Film Movies AND Go To School?

Thankfully for Gavin, his parents have always been open to different education ideas. Gavin’s education has required some creativity and hard work. Gavin and his family live in Utah. That’s where his friends and family are. But it’s not realistic for him to attend school there. He’s in Utah a lot, but he needs to be ready to move quickly when opportunities come available in Los Angeles.

Technology Lets Gavin Purse His Career AND Education

The My Tech High program lets Gavin and his parents create a personalized education plan that makes his career possible. Even with his busy schedule of auditions, rehearsals, and performances, Gavin can get a full-time high-quality education. He can even choose to focus on additional classes that help his career move forward.

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