Does Your Child Dream Of A Music Career? Read This First.

By Ethan Millard on November 7, 2017

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Many children dream of a career in music.  Very few achieve this.  There are a lot of reasons music careers are abandoned before they even start.  Here are a few things to consider if you think your child has a shot.

A Music Career Is More Than Talent

Everyone has a talent they can develop.  But like so much of life, it’s more important to work hard.  Renowned musician Kurt Bestor knows what it’s like to compete for work in music,  “Who’s going to get it?  The guy that has a nice personality, the guy that gets it done on time, the guy that’s going to promote it.  It’s the non-musical stuff that’s also important.”

The Music Business Runs On Passion

You really need a passion for music to succeed in the music industry.  But not everyone who has a passion for music ends up being a musician.

There are a lot of great non-musician careers in music.  Kurt believes this should be encouraging for parents with children who dream of music, “Don’t just think that if your child says ‘mom I want to go major in music’ that they’re going to have a life of poverty, there are so many things to do.”

Get Started Right Away

Finding a good instructor, then scheduling and driving to the classes is an obstacle that leads to many families giving up early on music.  Thankfully there is another way.

Musician’s Toolkit is a great way for the whole family to learn music.  The program features online courses taught by real, world-class working musicians.  It’s also customizable, so each person can individualize their learning.

Listen To Kurt Bestor’s Advice

Musicians Studio host Ethan Millard interviewed Kurt Bestor about building a career as a musician.  Listen below to hear Kurt’s great advice for young musicians, and some of his stories from his early career.  Subscribe to Musicians Studio podcast here.


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