Moms, Don’t Wait On Others. Do This Now!

By Ethan Millard on November 9, 2017

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Motherhood is hard and success often depends on a mother’s ability to be well and feel good about herself.  Moms need to learn how to self-nurture.  Don’t wait for someone to treat you well.  Instead, treat yourself well.

Self-Nurture: What Is It?

The most simple definition is “me time”.  As a mom, you’re not going to get all you need from your children.  It’s not their fault, nor is it your fault.  They’re just not equipped to care for the emotional needs of their mothers.

Take some time to take care of yourself.  Take time to see a movie, or schedule lunch with a friend.  Try doing something you enjoy but haven’t done for years.

This Will Help Your Children

You’ll probably feel a little guilty spending time or money on yourself.  Don’t let that stop you.  You’re actually helping your children.

First, you’ll be a better mom.  That’s good for them.  But you’re also teaching them how to take care of their own needs.  That’s a useful skill.  They’ll also learn to respect you when they see how seriously you take your own well being.

If You Need Further Convincing…

In this episode of Counseling on Demand, Fred Riley will help you understand how important it is to take care of yourself.  He also has some ideas for how to make it happen.  The episode is short but packed full of useable info.

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