The 3 Ways Music Strengthens Your Family

By Ethan Millard on December 13, 2017

The Musicians Studio podcast is sponsored by Musician’s Toolkit.  With Musician’s Toolkit, your whole family can get a great music education from world-class musicians.  The courses are customized, online, and totally affordable.

Just listening to music is such a big part of life, imagine if you and your family all played instruments!  It’s not as hard as you think.  Here are three ways learning instruments as a family makes you stronger.

Your Child Will Jump To The Front Of Class

Learning an instrument is a great way for a child to develop motor skills and coordination.  This mix of coordination and timing will be a great preparation for future activities such as sports.

Your child will also develop discipline and patience.  Learning an instrument is all about delayed gratification.  In today’s world, it’s hard to get kids to understand that concept.  Music is a great way to raise a child who understands the principle of working hard now and enjoying the reward later.

Your Teen Will Experience Healthy Emotion

Learning music can improve your teen’s math and science test scores.  Music and math are intertwined.  When you learn music, you also learn division, fractions, and patterns. It also grows memory ability and coordination.

Plus, your teen will really benefit from the new found confidence.  Learning new skills boosts their self-esteem.  And performing even for small groups of people will teach them skills that will come in handy for the rest of their lives.  PowerPoint presentations at work will be no problem.

Finally, teens are emotional wrecks.  They go through so much, and music can be a great way to experience emotion.  Music will teach them a lot about themselves and other people.

As An Adult, You Will Lead A Full Life

It’s never too late to learn an instrument.  In fact, music teachers report their adult students are able to hear things in the music and understand it in a way younger students can’t.

Music doesn’t just trigger one part of your brain.  Large areas of your brain get rocking as you develop new synapses between brain cells.  Playing an instrument can promote emotional well being and improve brain function.  

Adults who learn an instrument enjoy a higher quality of life, greater fulfillment, and an amazing sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  There is also some research that shows music learning can delay dementia and other age-related mental problems.

Here’s What To Do

The thought of your whole family taking music lessons might really stress you out.  It doesn’t have to, you just need the right setup.  With Musicians Toolkit, members of the same family can learn different instruments at their own pace.  The simple to use curriculum is taught by real working musicians and is designed to fit your family’s busy schedule.

If you want a little inspiration, check out The Musician’s Studio podcast.  Every episode features musicians sharing stories and advice.  In the episode below, composer Chance Thomas tells how he wrote the score for all the Lord of The Ring video games.


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