The 6 Best Flowers for Early Spring

By Eric Openshaw on March 12, 2018

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Since it’s almost time to plant, here are the 6 best flowers for early spring:

1. Pansies

In spite of the name, pansies are hardy, colorful cool-weather flowers that can be planted in the fall or spring and can even survive if it snows. Deep purples and blue to bright yellow and oranges, with or without blotches, pansies make a beautiful addition to any garden. They’re sure to drive away the winter blues from early spring planting.

2. Violas

The parent of pansies, violas are just as colorful with smaller blooms and an even hardier disposition. Violas can be enjoyed during early spring but will keep on giving even in the heat of summer.  Do not dig them up after a frost. Let violas re-seed for next year’s spring, and enjoy time after time, season after season.

3. Anemones

No, these are not the slimy creatures from tidal pools or saltwater fish tanks. These blossoms are large, deeply colorful additions to any spring garden with fern-like foliage that enhances their appeal. Anemones are grown from corms which are similar to bulbs. Then, they will reappear each spring for fantastic size and color. They only ask for full sun and light watering.

4. Ranunculus

Next, and perhaps the showiest of the early spring flowers, ranunculus is related to the common buttercup of summer with large, double showy blooms. These flowers are great for cutting and arranging with their straight stems, long vase life, and copious blooms. In return, these lacy-leafed plants will ask for sunshine and very light watering. Your borders and beds will look great. Then your office desk will sport fresh flowers for pennies. Plus, your neighbors will be by asking for your gardening secrets.

5. Primroses

Primroses are some of the earliest flowers to bloom. They bloom before sunrise in the morning when the ground is still frozen. They have a great tolerance of cold temperatures. And primroses can be grown as either annuals or perennials. In fact, many are potted and grown indoors to brighten a dull, winter room and to add hope for spring.

6. Bulbs

You should plant bulbs like crocuses, tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils (Narcissus) in the fall for spectacular, hardy, early spring flowers full of vibrant color. Even now, you can purchase early spring color pots at most garden centers. Then you can display them on your porch or deck. They can even be planted directly into the garden for some bright colors!

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