How Distance Learning Enables This Tween To Pursue Professional Dancing

By Ethan Millard on March 19, 2018

My Tech HighThis article is sponsored by My Tech High, proud sponsor of the series Learning Without Limits.  My Tech High is a public school program tailored to the unique needs of each student.  In addition to core curriculum, the My Tech High program gives students a strong foundation in creativity, innovation, technology, and business.

Let’s say your child plays a sport, performs, or has another hobby.  And they’re good.  Like, really, really good.

This is a problem some families face because a traditional education model doesn’t have a lot of flexibility.  You’re welcome to pursue outside interests outside of school… and after homework.  If your child is elite at what they do, that won’t cut it.

Distance Learning & Dance Competitions

Marcelo Fitzgerald is a nationally ranked dancer who travels the world while still getting a great education.  Watch how his family makes that happen.

How Can You Afford BOTH Education & Elite Traning?

Wealthy families can always turn to private education.  But that’s not for everyone, and aside from being expensive, it may not be as flexible as you need.

The family of nationally ranked dancer Marcelo Fitzgerald found a much better option.  They turned to My Tech High.  My Tech High offers an education program that is based online and offers a full education experience across all grades K-12.

What About All Of The Travel?

Competitive kids see the world.  They at least see the nearby world.  Games, competitions, training, conventions, and conferences will keep you on the road a lot.

Road life is actually a great time for schooling.  Downtime in the back seat of a car is a prime place to catch up on school work.  And using online programs such as My Tech High means you can bring the work with you wherever you go.

There’s one other great element to travel.  You can make the travel part of your education experience.  Marcelo competed at a world championship in Paris, so he timed his France section of World History to coincide with his visit.  That gave him an education and perspective that his peers really missed out on.

Keep It Flexible

If you have an active family, you know how hard it can be to juggle everything.  A program like My Tech High can keep things flexible for you.  You can take the classes you want when you want.  This keeps you available for other amazing opportunities for your family.

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