Smokey Robinson Connects With Cam On CMT Crossroads

Smokey Robinson hit the stage alongside country star Cam for CMT’s Crossroads series. The show brings together one country artist with an act from outside the genre for a collaborative performance in which they take on renditions of each other’s songs. Speaking of the performance Cam said that she cleared her schedule to connect with Robinson: “I have to say I canceled another show to be here,” she says. “That’s how bad I wanted to be here … Knowing that he is him, I was definitely intimidated / terrified to do this, but what can you do? You love music, and you’re not going to turn it down. And singing with him, he’s just such an easy person to be around.” Robinson added: “You don’t ever know for sure [how it will go] really until you go out there and do it,” Robinson comments to CMT about his performance with Cam. “I felt pretty confident because I know that not only is this woman a great songwriter, she’s a great singer … This is a great woman, and she’s a great person. That makes it so much easier, and I think we blend better when we feel like that about somebody.” Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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