Hamilton in Salt Lake Surprised Me- FM100.3 Rebecca Cressman’s Review

By Jago Ayllon on April 13, 2018

I’m still trying to remind myself that it wasn’t a dream. I saw the Broadway Musical “Hamilton” at Eccles Theater on the second night it opened in Salt Lake City. As a lover of Broadway shows and great music, I was just as excited as everyone else trying to buy tickets or win them from us on FM100.3. So being in that gorgeous theater, seeing the golden set on stage, hearing the excited buzz from everyone in their seats, and then watching the actors bring the show to life in Salt Lake City was beyond incredible. But “Hamilton” completely surprised me. It was stunning masterpiece of dance, song, and emotion with more depth than I could have imagined. I knew the playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda made history with his rhyming rap lyrics, diverse cast, hip hop dance moves, and his contemporary retelling of the life of Alexander Hamilton and America’s revolution. But, I didn’t know that Alexander Hamilton’s love story would bring us to tears or so intimately show us how infidelity and raw ambition can hurt spouses, children, and ourselves. I didn’t expect that the lyrics in “The World Was Wide Enough” would take on so much more meaning than the jealous and deadly feud between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. I walked out thinking about our politically and culturally divided country and our broken personal relationships. I wondered what future dreams each of us could lose if we don’t learn the lesson two founding brothers learned too late, that the world is wide enough for all of us. Hamilton, an American Musical is outstanding! Let me know what you think about it too~

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