Keith Urban Duets With Wife Nicole Kidman

Husband and wife team Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman teamed up for a duet during an acoustic performance of Urban’s “Parallel Line” in Nashville for a Spotify Fans First event. Urban shared a short clip of the performance, in which he plays guitar as his wife sits and harmonizes along to his vocals. The caption included just three hashtags: “#ParallelLine,” “#SpotifyFansFirst” and “#GraffitiU.” Additionally, Kidman performed background vocals to “Female,” the first single from Urban’s next album and, back in 2016, the pair posted a video on Urban’s YouTube channel of themselves singing along to” The Fighter,” in which Kidman took over the female vocals. “Parallel Line” is the second single from Urban’s forthcoming 10th studio album, Graffiti U, which will be released on April 27. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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