Can Music Fight Anxiety, Depression, and Suicide?

By Eric Openshaw on May 10, 2018
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This article is sponsored by Worth of Souls. An uplifting spiritual album featuring local artists. Worth of Souls is healing people’s pain through the power of music. It’s fighting anxiety, depression, and suicide. Whether it’s relief from depression, anxiety, or pain, Worth of Souls has the perfect spiritual song for you. 


Sadness and grief are normal emotions. We’ve all felt them before. But what happens when those feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, and sadness don’t go away?

Depression Is All-Encompassing

If you have depression, the sadness is overwhelming. It can lead to a loss of interest in things you used to like. Not being able to interact with the people around you. And it can lead to physical and emotional stress and anxiety. With 350 million people in the world with depression, the odds are in your favor that you are not alone in your struggles. And emotional and physical symptoms can develop. Depression can lead to serious complications that can put your life at risk if left untreated.

How Can Music Help Such Serious Problems

It’s been statistically shown through research studies that music and music therapy actually help some of the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain. Music is able to alleviate pain, through distraction and release of endorphins which actually counteract pain. Worth of Souls uses uplifting songs that make a direct link to God and spirituality. The songs on Worth of Souls have been structured to help someone with depression. The songs heal through shared experience, compassion, and positive Christian messages.

What is Worth of Souls?


Worth of Souls is a new album that is designed to help combat anxiety, depression, and suicide through a spiritual connection with God. The Worth of Souls Project and Worth of Souls band was founded by Paul Cardall, a talented pianist who has released three No 1 Billboard albums, is a Steinway & Sons sponsored pianist and lay minister, and he founded Stone Angel Music which is one of the top-selling and highest streaming instrumental labels in the world.

Paul Cardall
Paul Cardall from the Worth Of Souls Project

Cardall founded Worth of Souls because he wanted to “reignite that fire [for God] that once burned in us so deeply.” Paul has had people he cared for and loved commit suicide. He understands the struggle and the grief. But he also wants you to overcome the sadness and grief. Paul Cardall was also saved through a heart transplant. A heart from someone who took their own life. Because of this, Cardall wants to help in healing people’s pain through spiritual inspiration and uplifting music.

How To Find the Album

Worth of Souls is available to buy through iTunes and Amazon and is available to stream through Spotify and Apple Music. Or visit the Worth of Souls website.

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