5 Reasons Your Children Should Attend Leadership Academy of Utah

By Eric Openshaw on May 14, 2018

This article is sponsored by Leadership Academy of Utah. Leadership Academy of Utah is empowering promising students and educators to live meaningful lives as principled leaders through world-class mentoring, curriculum, systems, and support. 

You see your children’s unique possibilities

As a parent, you want to help your children fulfill their potential by giving them a great education.  However, many schools lack either the values or the academics your children need. So, what should you look for in a school for your child?

  • Of course, you want an education that brings out the genius in your children and prepares them for lives of purpose and meaning
  • Then you want personalization and flexibility that frees your family to live in your unique ways
  • Finally, you want a cutting-edge program that prepares your children to thrive in today’s world

At Leadership Academy of Utah, rigorous academics are combined with a leadership-driven curriculum, world-class teachers, and a flexible online structure to help students be who they are because who you are is awesome. Here are five ways Leadership Academy of Utah‘s program supports YOU.


1. An education system designed around students

Leadership Academy believes their students have the capability of changing the world. Then they inspire them to live from deep values, not worldly trends. Also, Leadership Academy‘s students don’t drone along on some educational conveyor belt. Students learn and practice principles that help them live successful and meaningful lives.

2. A creative environment that helps your children grow

Through live online classrooms and transformational outdoor camps offered throughout the year, Leadership Academy provides students with an uplifting and challenging atmosphere. And the results are students who live their lives on purpose.

3. Connecting students with teachers who bring out their best capabilities

Leadership Academy‘s talent search isn’t limited by geography as an online school. Leadership Academy recruits the most talented teachers from anywhere in the world who know how to empower students and help them discover their own potential.

4. Teach students how to think, not what to think

Leadership Academy introduces their students to the best, most timeless ideas from the greatest minds in history, and help them see how those ideas apply in today’s world. Students engage the material through questions, projects, and great books. Not by memorizing a bunch of facts and hoping to remember those facts for a test.

5. Offer world-class education in a format you can take anywhere

Leadership Academy uses the latest and best tools for online learning to deliver an experience that’s as personal and interactive as it is accessible and portable. The program is flexible, whether you want to travel the world or simply don’t want your kids to be tied down to an out of date public-school system. The model has you covered, and you can take their classroom with you almost anywhere you go.

How To Find Leadership Academy

When you are raising children to become principled, happy and capable adults, it’s no easy task. Leadership Academy provides your family with unparalleled educational freedom and quality. Lead your family as only you can. And raise incredible youth in your unique family culture. Click here to take our Right Fit Quiz and see if our program is right for your family.

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