Christina Aguilera Hints At New Album

Christina Aguilera has hinted at the release of a new album with a series of cryptic videos shared on her social media. She shared a glitchy video on Twitter, featuring a fragment of the word “liberation.” During a recent live performance in Baku, Azerbaijan, Aguilera made many references to the word ‘liberation’ during an interlude. “This is my liberation. This is our liberation. Be liberated with me,” she said over an atmospheric production while a screen broadcast promotional footage. During the concert teaser, the words “Liber” are written in the first box as well as “XLR-8” in the ninth box, which some have theorized means the lead single is called “Accelerate.” Aguilera also hints at the song’s release date. Box 11 has the numbers “5318,” which fans are interpreting as the 3rd of May. Aguilera last released Lotus in 2012. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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