Late Three Doors Down Guitarist’s Doctor Heads To Court

Alabama doctor Richard Snellgrove is set to stand trial today for improperly prescribing fentanyl and other drugs to 3 Doors Down guitarist Matthew Roberts, who died of a drug overdose. Snellgrove is facing a 13-count federal indictment in Mobile, alleging unlawful distribution of controlled substances and health care fraud. The indictment alleges that he prescribed the drugs that killed Roberts, who was found dead in August 2016 in a hotel hallway near Milwaukee. Court papers state that Snellgrove began prescribing drugs to Roberts as early as 2005 and knew Roberts had addiction problems. Snellgrove has pleaded not guilty. He faces up to 240 years in prison and up to $2.8 million in fines if convicted. Snellgrove began treating Roberts in 2005, according to the indictment, which specifically cites prescriptions of oxycodone, lorazepam and fentanyl. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights ReservedLess «

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